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10 Wedding Tips

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It is understood planning a wedding is not a small task and sometimes it is nice to have a helping hand. The following tips might assist you along the way.

top ten wedding tips1. Make A List

Before you do anything it is a great idea to make a list of all the things that you will need to organise. Later you be able to use parts of this list as a task order for those that are going to assist you with you organisation. Be sure to allow plenty of space between each ITEM, as that will allow you to make notes. You might set it up in your computer so it will be adjustable and you are able to print copies.

2. Select a number of people to help

Keep in mind it is going to be your wedding day and things need to be done your way. From the list you have made up you can set out a task order. You will find this very handy as it will help you to allocate tasks and not have everyone that wants to help doing things you prefer them not to do. Mum on the cake, dad looks into cars, mother in law the flowers etc. You will find this will allow you to go and select the Wedding Gown or other things you need to do.

3. Work out the Budget

Start with who is going to pay for what, obtain a commitment and note it.

• Mum and dad are going to pay for the reception: $XX

• The grooms parents are taking care of the drinks: $XX

And so on, Once you have all the amounts totalled you will be able to establish a budget and once you have set it - stick to it!

When organising a wedding it is very, very easy to have expenses get away from you. So when you have your budget, you might make an allowance of an extra 10% You might run over time oon the use of the cars or the drinks bill might jump up to more than you allowed.

top ten wedding tips

4.  Talk with Friends and Family

At this early time in the preparation you will be looking for ideas. Talk with friends who are Married, how are they able to advise you? Consider weddings you have been to, what did you like and dislike, Wedding Magazines are a great resource as is the internet, invite the gils over for coffee and get them to bring magazines, that's fun! Don't leave out the suppliers on this site well help too. It is early days so just keep adding to the list.

5.  Consider professional help

If you think you might find the task a little daunting, you might the help of a professional wedding planner useful. These people are able to organise your wedding for you.

6.  Things you will need to book as early as you are able

Firstly decide where you are going to be wed, if you decide on a church you will need to enquire about the available date and make an appointment for an interview. Parks and gardens, rotundas, unless privately operated are normally booked via the local council, in any case you will need to BOOK.

Just about all the arrangements for the day and date will depend upon the location you choose. It should be remembered all other contractors you will need are often booked many months in advance.

Once you have the place for the ceremony worked out you will be able to built around that as you will have a time and place.

A church wedding can be reasonable easy because you have someone to conduct the service for you. Should you decide on a park or garden you will need to organise a person to conduct the service, plus music and you might need to arrange seating for guests and don't forget you will need to coordinate them all. Transport is also important; if you really want to hire the best cars again book them as soon as you have booked the place for the wedding service and reception.

When booking parks or gardens be sure to consider the weather and - very importantly - regardless of the wedding ceremony location, be sure to check if there is any event on that day that will interfere with your wedding in that location on that day. Street closures for special events for example.

7. Start to Prepare your guest list

The fun begins this is not as easy as one would think, we don't want to invite those that are? Yet we do need to invite them that? So it is recommended that you start your list with everyone you can think of and some more - then start your selection process. Mum and dad and the future in-laws need to be asked for there input.

To help you along here, keep in mind the budget! While the number of guest does determine the budget, so does the price per head at the reception. Also when verbally testing the waters or inviting you might ask if the intended guest will be attending the reception because some will join you at the service and some may have arrangements made where they can not attend the reception. Always keep in mind it is you wedding day and you should have in attendance those that you want to attend.

8. Select a venue for the reception

You may already have a venue in mind or one you like if so phone them straight away and check the availability. Then if they are available make an appointment to visit the premises as soon as possible. If the venue is already booked you will be able to dismiss it and move onto your next choice. If it is early enough in your preparation you can afford to visit a number of possible venues and speak with the staff. There are wonderful reception houses and centres all over Australia.

A few things to consider:-

1. The distance from the place of the ceremony?

2. Will guess be able to park?

3. Is there a motel of hotel near by?

4. Will guests be able to get home?

5. How will the venue perform in the weather?

9. Selecting the Support for your Wedding

Do not book anyone without meeting them, go to the trouble of checking out everyone even recommendations. The businesses may have been taken over by other parties and not be the same operator the referrer recommended.

It is a good idea to feel some trust in those that you have selected. You really need to make sure you know everyone that is involved, you will be very much depending on them in you very special day. As an example; there are many disappointed brides and grooms that have allowed well meaning friends and family to take drive them to the chuch on the day or take the wedding photos or video.

Source out experienced professionals and politely turn down family offers.

10. Last but most important - Plan to cover ever detail

For those that make a good plan, follow that plan and delegate tasks to other competent people you will not go astray. A good plan equals a good wedding. The organising of a wedding day is no small task, you take on a lot of work. Select and use professionals

Once you start you will find the organisation pleasurable and fun. Plan it well and you will have the best day!

Write everything down and work through it with tenacity, have regular get togethers with those you have selected to help. Plan everything form the day you get engaged up until the end of the honeymoon after that, who cares!

You will do a good job, and you will have a great wedding. Congratulations on your engagement and happy wedding planning.



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