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Looking back through time etiquette it has been a part of culture to start with "something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue."

While all that sounds pleasant and most brides would want those things with her on the wedding day you know that you will need to spend a little time looking for all those accessories you are going to want and need.

Once you have found or have the bridal gown selected you will need all the supporting bits and pieces that place the finishing touches to fit the occasion. On this special day you will be the centre of attention and you will want the best distinctive wedding accessories as that is how it should be.

There are thousands of accessories and everyone can offer you a reason why you should carry, wear or hold all of them!

There are four main personal accessories that you need to consider before all the others.

1. Head Wear

What you wear on you head will dictate the type of hair style you will have on the wedding day.

2. Shoes

They need work with the gown and they need to be very comfortable, you will be standing, walking and dancing in them all day and most of the evening.

3. The Bouquet

You intend on carrying, needs to blend with the gown and also blend with what the bridesmaids are carrying, think of the size and weight, colours, and ask the question will the flowers stain? The bouquet will be carried by you from home to the place of the ceremony and on to photos and right up until you enter the reception, and then they are normally placed on the bridal table for everyone to see. Still at the end of the evening you may decide to have night photo shoots and you will require it still.

3. Wedding Jewellery

A bride wearing too much jewellery takes a way the look you want on the day. You are the show piece and the bridal gown will bring that out. The jewllery you wear should be simple consider not wearing to much and try to match the selected jewels with what is featured on the gown and veil. Remember you are the centre piece and accessories assist in your enhancement.

Today We Have a Great Choice

Wedding attire, from the traditional to modern day, short/mini/long or costumed and the wedding day can be as formal or wild as you want it to be!

Weddings today can be held just about anywhere. Tradition dictates a church service but some prefer a deserted beach and others the center of a Sprint Car Speedway Track.

What Some Think CRAZY!

Others think just it is the norm! Celebrating your marriage with your family and friends can include renting a football stadium and anything in between.

Depending On Your Style Of Gown And The Wedding Location

There are many styles of accessories for you to consider and choose, the exciting task of adding all those extra bits that helps make the whole picture complete.


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