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Bridal Cars and Wedding Party Transportation

One of the most exciting parts to your planning

Wedding Transportation comes in all shapes and forms, the list is almost endless, you have a great selection to choose from!

What type of transportation will you use?

In many cases the girls normally allow the boys to select the type of transportation, sometime this is a good idea and other times the bride needs to be involved in the decision making too.

If we can go back a little in time to the wedding dream (with budget in mind) some brides dream of arriving in their favourite sports car, others see themselves in the romantic times of old, sitting in a horse drawn carriage, or a true classic car from the 1940, 50, or 60s, you may wish to arrive in a speed boat (if it is an island/beach wedding) or even paraglide in!

The Choice of a Themed Wedding

"Bonny and Clyde" or something from the 16th or 17th Century for instance have been popular. You or your partner could be members of a car club and want that style of car to work in with your selected theme.

The gangster theme would need to hire olden day veteran cars, for a modern theme you may choose a hummer for a dramatic entrance or be outrageous and arrive on a Harley, whatever you have dreamed can be acquired as long as the mode of transport is available in your area and it fits within your budget.

Car Tips

Sometimes months and months have been spent on acquiring the right wedding gown for the occasion and in some cases the Gown will dictate the type of transport you select as will the make up, hair style and veil.

Small convertibles do NOT have a lot of room in the rear and you do not want to be blown to pieces on the way to the place of the ceremony.

You are able to hire vehicle a number of different style of vehicle that are able to travel to the place of the ceremony with the top up and it is put down just before you arrive.

Motor Bikes are great to have as an escort if that is your thing, but it is advisable to use them for the photos after the service?

Tips for those on a Budget

There are a number of ways to save money when hiring transport. It must be said that using a true professional wedding car hire company is usually the best. They have specialist chauffeurs that no how to greet you and assist you with your gown in and out of the vehicles. In many cases the bride walks down the isle last so it is left to the chauffeur to set the train. They also carry drinks in the car and are very understand to your needs on the day.

Rather than hire 3 or 4 vehicles hire just the wedding transportation and have friends or family carry the bridal party in there cars. If you decide this is the method for you be sure to have the family cars follow the bridal car on the day not lead that way everyone will arrive at the same and right time. In this way you still have the benefit of the professional and the vehicle for photos later.

Visit the local Rent a Car company and try to hire identical cars and decorate them yourself, one idea is to have the bridal car in white and colour code the other cars to match you bridesmaids dresses or simply have all white cars with different coloured ribbons, this can save money and be a lot of fun, make sure that you oversee the decorations to ensure that no damage is done to the vehicles.

Something Different

If available in your area, then departing a beach or island wedding, consider hiring a hot air balloon for photos and a dramatic exit, or a decorated speedboat to glide you to a waiting car and on to more photo shoots or the reception.

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