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The Most Beautiful of all Creation!

The bride is almost ready! Make up complete, hair in place, the garter is on, the photographer camera is madly clicking.

Bridesmaids are fussing, mums running around barking orders, dad can't find his lapel flower and the Brides bouquet lies on the edge of the bed.

The air is filled with sweetest scents from the bouquets, the wedding cars have arrived, the photographer is lining up the bridesmaids in order, flower girl and page boy first, the house seems to have changed into palace, a fairy tale scene with the princes waiting her turn to be guided to her waiting carriage.

Nothing Compares to Flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful of all creation and there is nothing to compare with the beautiful natural fragrances or spectacular array of colours and designs that constantly dazzle you, it is a wonderful experience to simply walk into a Florist shop at anytime and see the many different bouquets or arrangements that lure you over to smell their fragrance.

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The floral colour scheme and bouquet you choose to carry on your wedding day will complete the picture and assist in creating that dramatic bridal effect.

Flower Arrangements

There are dozens of Bridal magazines and floral websites for you to view and inspect that will give you ideas for floral and bouquet arrangements. Flower Arrangement Designers/Consultants are also available to offer advice.

The Flower arrangements should be carefully chosen to reflect the style or theme and of course your wedding Gown and the bouquet selection needs to match. Obtaining professional advice is always advisable, can save you money and help you make the very best choice.

Flower Tips

• The bouquet will be required to look its best for many hours so choose wisely, and you must also decide whether you will be tossing it for the Brides maids before you depart.

• If you wish to retain your bouquet it is also a good idea to have the person creating the floral arrangements to make you a smaller bouquet to toss.

Cost Saving Tips

• It may be worthwhile enquiring at the church or place of the cermeony as to other weddings held on the same date, couples have been able to share the wedding flower arrangement cost, if the flowers are suitable, it may mean simply replacing a ribbon colour.

• Buy flowers and enrol the help of your family/friends to make the arrangements for the church and/or reception, this can be fun and very rewarding.

• Buy basket arrangements pre-made or purchase small cane baskets from bargain shops and make your own, the guests can take these home with a piece of wedding cake.

• Place a candle/scented block candle onto a glass saucer tie a thin coloured ribbon at the base cover with water and surround/scatter with glass balls and small buds or tiny flowers which can be fresh or silk or a mixture of both and fill the gaps with small pieces of fern. You may need to check with the venue, candles may not be allowed.

Finally, keeping the arrangement simply with in-season flowers will cut the labour time off the Florists bill. You may even consider replace some of the arrangements with silk flowers or alternate between the two.


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