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Off Shore Honeymoon


The choice of honeymoon locations is vast!

As you have decided to go abroad and you may have already selected your destination but for those of you that are still uncertain here are a few ideas to consider.

Traveling abroad


Regardless to the destination you choose it is wise to do a little researching before you make a booking. As some of the countries and places you my like to visit could be dangerous.
Check with Smart Traveler about Security conditions Click Here!

You may need to check the countries customs and there laws, so you understand what you can or cannot bring into/out of their country. The dress code could be different to ours and they may not tolerated what you think is appropriate. Be sure to do some researching as it is your interest and safety. it is required of you to have done the research should you unwittingly break a law or custom. A honeymoon is time for you to relax and enjoy and you want to come home safe.

It is always wise to know the location and phone number of the nearest Australian embassy before you leave our shores. Also the internet has much to offer check out the forums on the places you wish to visit, the feed back form these can be invaluable. Travelers that have visited that same country recently often leave messages you are able to read and to ask questions.

Also print down maps from Google maps Click Here! of different areas you may wish to explore.

Passport Tip

Never carry your passport/drivers licence around with you, leave the original in a hotel safe box or other secured location. Make at least 2 copies of any important papers and passport photo's, give one to your parents before you leave and carry the other with you at all times.

Travel tip

Apart for boat cruises or tours booked that are part of a party, always let someone know where you intend to go and what time you expect to be back, if you go missing or get lost it is comforting to know someone else also knows, even sending a email back home daily of your intensions, if you start to do this make sure you do it every day, otherwise you will cause undue concern..

If you pay for roving charges for your mobile make sure it works properly as soon as you arrive. Lastly invest in a portable GPS or make sure your mobiles have one, it will prove invaluable and should you get lost or separated it will pinpoint your position. It is also a good idea to have your mobile have internet connection.

When carrying cash and credit cards be sure to split them up, it is not a good idea to keep everything together on an over seas trip.


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