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There are hundreds of destinations within Australia

Yes! planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting things you will do as part of the wedding preparation.

All designed to tantalize and excite, you are able to select from the best Resorts hotels that offer fantastic accommodation locations, lay around the pool or on one of the many long white Sandy Beaches where you will swim and enjoy in the sun. Or stay in a tranquil Rain Forest location walking the bush tracks via falling crystal clean waterfalls, listen to the chattering of the Australian birds and see kangaroos, koalas in there natural habitat.

There are deserts to visit too and the outback, there are strange and wonderful mountain ranges like the Bungle Bungles, you could go the Broom area and hand feed the Dolphins at Monkey Mia and the list goes on and on. Try your hand at snow skiing, visit an island paradise or simply stay in one of the hundreds of Bed and Breakfast cottages all around Australia.

Two things will mainly dictate the planning of your honeymoon, capital and time.

For some the honeymoon will be taken straight after the wedding and a great amount of planning will go into it. Yet for others, time might not permit and extended honeymoon vacation.

Lets face it we all live in a very fast moving world and for one reason or the other many Brides and Grooms simply won't have the time to escape for a long period.

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Work out your budget and time frame.

Once you have decided what you can afford and how much time you can spend, then you will be able to jump into the real planning and that's where the fun starts.

A honeymoon not matter how short or long, expensive or cheap, is to be shared an experienced with your partner and it is a time that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Lets start from the top and work our way to Budget ideas

Then for the adventurous that want to create different memorial memories here are a few ideas

Something totally different

A train trip within your state, to a different state, or round trip and by booking early and notifying them it will be your honeymoon you will be able to order a special menu.

Note, If you like to have a glass of wine or a beer it should be remembered that some trains will allow or will not liquor aboard! So make the enquiry before you book. There are some really wonderful sightseeing adventures available by rail. Great Aussie Rail journeys.

Catch the ferry to Tassie

Stay the weekend in one of the many beach accommodations available, (from budget van park cabins to luxury beach resort units) then catch the special steam train to the all day markets, or take a Fairy Penguin Tour.


You can also take a car/van or motorized vehicle over on the ferry and do a tour of Tassie, it is a beautiful place that offers a wide verity of scenic travel.

Not everyone splurges

Not everyone decides to splurge out on a honeymoon for many reasons, time or timing, finances, or they simply wish to save now for their dream home and plan to spend time on a honeymoon combined anniversary in the future, however for whatever reason, below are a few ideas that you may wish to consider as a one day or weekend get-away.

For those people where time is a real issue and are down for something unique or challenging try something different.


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