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Night Attire


To Taboo or not to Taboo! That is the question?

Selecting something special to wear on the wedding night can be very exciting!

The subject! The Wedding Night Attire! What one wears on the wedding night can be a taboo subject in some people eyes and yet in others what the bride wears that night is a very important part of the getting married experience.

The selection of clothing, OR! The lack of clothing can be a fun and exciting experience and a great way to end the day! OR ! Night!

Let's face it! On the wedding day the bride is going to look her super best and it did not all happen on that day, there was a lot of planning time and effort went into her preparation. Now the wedding and reception has come to an end. It's time to spend a little quite time? - together so the bridal gown is coming off, is what is underneath going to top the bridal Gown?!!

Is it HOT in here?

In all seriousness, this is a sacred time and place, one that you and your partner will cherish and never forget, it may be the one memory that will pull you though a sad time an angry moment, so make it the best of all nights.

The time of year or location may dictate what you will wear and you may have to be creative, but hey this is just for you both so let your imagination spring to life.

Go back to the dream, what did you fantasise about? Because there you will get an answer to how you want your wedding night to be, or think of some movie where you though it was sexy or fun and start planning from there, do not leave out a visit to the better lingerie stores, even if you do not buy you can have fun trying on!

Question? Would you want to relax in a candle lit spa and drink champagne? then slip into something sexy or do you want to dress up in a costume, put on music and dance to the bedroom, or sit on a private balcony or patio overlooking the ocean, soft dreamy music playing in the background while sharing a drink before a romp along the seashore?

Whatever you plan take time to investigate our many advertisers services and products, who knows?



Fifty years from now, you are going to want your husband to remember how stunning you looked on your wedding day and how sexy you looked on your wedding night.

UnderCoverWear in Sydney has an amazing collection of wedding lingerie designed to do just that.

UnderCoverWear offers beautiful bustiers, body-hugging basques and strapless corsets that feature slimming, stretch spandex panels that provide all the support you will need whilst leaving only smooth, clean lines under your dress. Be warned though, the designs are so hot that your groom will want to rip that wedding dress right off you!


You will be relieved to know that the first priority in finding the right wedding shoes is comfort. If you are in pain, you are not going to enjoy your big day.

Shelve the stilettos and go for pair with a 2 1/2 inch heel. You will not have to sacrifice style for comfort with all the gorgeous strappy sandals, pointed-toe slingbacks and kitten heels on the market. Flat, satin ballet shoes make beautiful bridal shoes too.

Visit Bride Online via the links above to find wedding accessories from costume jewellery to veils and tiaras. Don't forget to browse our directory of wedding photographers who can capture you in all your glory on the big day.


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