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Taking Great Forever Lasting Wedding Photos

Book a very good professional photographer and they are going to give you, your children and your grand children years of pleasure and great memories.

The idea here is not to short cut your self. This part of your planning should be thought out and it is recommended that you simply do not risk cutting corners. Your wedding photo's are captured memories that do not change with time.

So, unless you have a professional wedding photographer among your friends or family DO NOT risk your precious memories with an amateur.

You may receive offers by well meaning friends or family or consider the possible savings by hiring someone that says they will "have a go!" Thank them and tell them their efforts will be welcome however you have already booked and placed a deposit with a photographer as well.

So no one will be offended, and they will not feel discouraged and will feel they can still contribute to the occasion and the memories as you may get some wonderful surprise shots from different angles. However the point can't be stress enough of the importance of hiring a professional; remember they hold in their hands the camera that captures the most precious part of your wedding day.

You might also even look to buy a couple or half a dozen or more throw away cameras and give one or two to the chauffeurs when the cars arrive to snap a few shots inside the cars and the others to the boys to hand out at the place of the ceremony, they arrive before you and they will have plenty of time to select a few people to take what ever photos they like on the day. Then give someone the job to collect them at the end of proceedings.

Professional Photographers

Shop around like everything else you can obtain an array of different prices. Tone down the amount of photos if you are working on a budget. Work with the photographer; remember they do this week in and week out and they are able to recommend the best photo locations.

Types of Photos

You may like to have included in your photo port folio a number of photos you have seen in magazines or that were taken at a wedding you attended. The best way to this is to cut the photos out or print them and make up a small folder that you can present to the photographer of your choice.

Other photos; For example, you may wish to be taken standing in front of a sports car you always desired, stepping from a steam train, walking or riding along a beach, a rain forest background or other scenic place, a wedding photo taken at the place where you first met or with elderly or other guests that for some reason could not be there to celebrate your wedding, however for whatever reason, it can always be arranged and will bring a lot of joy over years to come.

Photo Tips

If time and light are available, or after the wedding ceremony, talk with the photographer about a special place you have in mind or a place they have selected where you are able to have extra photos taken with different people and backgrounds.

Pack a cooler or ask the hire car company to supply you with drinks and nibbles to be served at the photo shoot location. You will properly have not eaten and this is a good time to grab a snack. The food should be light, cheese and briskets or something simpler. Do not forget the kids and not to much alcohol!

The photographer will take all the family shots and some unusual ones for you.

After the wedding (and before returning the Gown, if the attire is hired) you can have extra photos taken with different people or backgrounds. Backgrounds that hold different personal memories or simply it was inconvenient on the day with weather, distance etc.

Also at a time that is convenient sometime in the future, you might like to have the photographer return again.


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Targeted Promotions for the Wedding Industry

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